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Stay up to date with exciting new things happening in our world of BBA Online studies! Innovation happens fast these days in the digitally transforming global business environment. Here at BBA Online, we strive to keep up and keep moving forward in order to equip and prepare our students to enter the modern world of business. We’ll keep you posted on events where you can join in from virtually anywhere, as well as update you on real-life projects our students are working on and how they’re actively applying digital studies and acquired skill set to achieve results!

Give me 3 and a half years, and I’ll make you a global communicator!

Check out Nelli and Mira’s write-up on the multiculturalism of BBA IB Online!

Turku University of Applied Sciences’ BBA IB Online programme presents a whole new way of studying; it’s the first degree in Finland that can be done completely online. No need to live in Turku- or even in Finland for that matter- no need to be a Finnish citizen or a Finnish speaker, and no need to bend over backwards to fit the traditional student life to your busy schedule. BBA IB Online is an innovative, multicultural and flexible way to pursue a high-quality degree and international business career! 

When choosing a university and a degree to pursue, it’s easy to feel a little bit tied down for several years upcoming – it indeed is a big commitment! Many Finnish people dream of living abroad and attending a foreign university, despite there still being many upsides and benefits of the Finnish education system. Also, certain groups of people find their life being busy and hectic already; having a family, a full time job and other duties that keep one from gaining that international experience of living abroad. On the other hand, the reputation of high quality education in Finland has reached far, but the country itself doesn’t always strike as an attractive option for foreigners to move over just for education.  Does it sound utopist to offer something for all these people – full-time workers, parents, Finns, foreigners?  

BBA IB Online is a degree that is tailored exactly to people like this: the ones needing flexibility and international experiences. If you are someone approaching new challenges and career opportunities, BBA IB Online will not only offer the freedom to study around your own schedule, but it also trains you to be a global communicator in a multicultural study environment and real-life work experiences.  

Here are three ways we found that BBA IB Online has molded us into the global communicator we are today in less than three and half years:  

  1. Multicultural study teams. Each year BBA IB Online consists of surprisingly like-minded and incredibly talented people from all over the world. All of these people bring in their own expertise and culture which offers such valuable team work experience. For many people, it may be the first time actually working in such vibrant, multicultural team!  
  2. Courses with emphasis on inter-nationality. With international business as a major, BBA IB Online degree’s content is carefully combined to consist courses focusing strongly on inter-nationality, multiculturalism as well as communications. We highly doubt these subjects are as emphasized on all degrees! 
  3. Practical training and real-life course cases. The degree includes plenty of real-life work experience, for example 30 ETCs of practical training in the field of international business. Students have the freedom to implement this training anywhere in the world – for example, Nelli chose New Zealand for basic PT and Bali for professional PT. Invaluable experience Nelli couldn’t have gotten elsewhere! Many of the courses have students choose a company for its case studies and analysis. The courses’ approach also encourages students to reach out to these companies to gain first-hand knowledge, which teaches great communication skills too.  

Don’t let your life situation or location hold you down on the journey of becoming a global communicator! For us, BBA IB Online opened so many doors in countries we couldn’t have ever dreamed of living in and it has really taught invaluable skills to communicate and work in different international teams. Check out TUAS website for more information and to find out how to apply!

Welcome PINBOS19!

Here’s a glimpse into our 2019 Orientation Days held on-location at Turku University of Applied Sciences! Some familiar faces were on hand to welcome the fresh new faces that you’ll be getting to know as they begin their own journey through online studies.

Enthusiastic students from all over the globe came together to kick off their studies on BBA in International Business online Degree at TUAS.

The orientation days at TUAS provide guidance on principles of online study and digital tools support for a successful learning journey to all online students. Thus, students have the opportunity to meet their new colleagues and learn to study together using collaborative and interactive methods, guided by teachers. Their studies continue fully online in a truly international environment, wherever they call home!


A trip to Brazil was arranged by TUAS to promote Finnish Education in  Brazil.

Marjo Joshi an E Learning specialist, who coordinates the International Business  Bachelor Degree Online from TUAS  travelled together with an International Business 2nd year student who is originally from São Paulo- Brazil and  did her professional practical training at TUAS.

Juliana and Marjo spent one week in  São Paulo, which is currently  well-known as a vibrant financial city and the 7th largest city in the World, during the visited they promoted the  International Business Bachelor Degree Online from Turku AMK.

They visited some top universities as Universidade Paulista , which has amazing facilities for Online Learning, additionally they have more than 100.000 students studying online. They offer a good selection of online bachelor programs online. Furthermore, they have visited Finnish consulate in Säo Paulo which promotes Finnish Education for whole Latin America and another well recognized university called “Senac” which has an fantastic Campus in the city of Säo Paulo and offer great facilities to their students.

Entrance Exam Day 2019

Thank you to our 2019 applicants who participated in Entrance Examinations on April 10th. Our BBA Online team had a great day hosting some of our prospective students and we wish everyone the best of luck!

Photo credit: Makoto Chiba

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