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Meet real-life BBA Online students from all over the globe, and take a peek into their everyday! Online studies connects people from all walks of life, cultures and in various locations who are integrating digital technology into their daily routine to make education fit into their lives. Learning is applied to life rather than becoming that pause or hold on living. On the go, anytime, anywhere access to study materials via online learning environments and digital communications lets students take the driver’s seat!

When a nurse means business! Meet wonder woman Annika.

BBA student, mother, RN, tutor. Read up on our second-year superhero Annika and how she manages her journey towards self-growth in studies!

My name is Annika Englund. I am a second-year IB Online student and work as a team leader and a registered nurse for a private nursing company, and I’m also a mum to a wonderful 3,5-year-old boy!
I have a Bachelor’s in Public Health, and after my son’s birth whilst on maternity leave, I started thinking that I would like to study further to be able to use my language skills and develop myself professionally. I wanted to widen my career scope but at the same time, needed to return to work, so studying online made perfect sense. If you meet me on my way from work, I am most likely on a Skype meeting or watching teacher-recommended material – learning on the go! I have been pleased with my choice. It has been hard, but exciting work and I recommend it to anybody interested in business and wanting to explore the digital world!

Classmates have turned to friends and being a student has turned into being a student tutor as well. I have made connections- not only from Turku University of Applied Sciences- but through Campus Online from all over Finland and abroad. It has required scheduling and planning and hasn’t been easy, but worth all the sweat! This has made it possible for me to enjoy my free time with my son and still grow as a professional.

I have learned so much, met amazing people and had support from not only family and friends, but also from the teachers and faculty staff. If you want higher education for yourself, go for our BBA IB Online programme at Turku University of Applied Sciences!

Freedom with Design!

Catch her if you can! Third-year student Design gets her studies done from wherever she is. Take a peek at what the freedom of online studies means to her!

Hey there!

My name is Design (yep, like the word), just your average everyday Californian based in Turku. I’m in the last stretch of BBA International Business Online and I am so excited for those who are about to begin their journey through online studies!

Having the freedom to live life while earning a degree has been a motivating experience, allowing me to roll right along with what life brings. I’ve maintained my studies on BBA IB Online’s virtual learning environment from working part-time to full-time, and through my chapters of travel. Changes in life aren’t an obstacle to my learning, with all the materials, tools, support and open connectivity available to me online in a more flexible study method. Anyways as you’ll see, I do love a good ol’ change of scenery!

The practical skills acquired through this program have taken me much further than reciting theory. I’ve gained fluency in using online platforms, programs and communication tools to organize and execute projects with a global network of students from an array of cultural backgrounds. Remote studies on my travels has also strengthened my own time-management and communication skills, better equipping me to enter a field that requires working on diverse teams, with teams internationally, individually and remotely. The modern-day business world is rapidly moving forward alongside technology; thankfully, our international team of teachers from within the field at BBA IB Online prepare students to be up-to-speed in utilizing the digital tools of the trade by having us actively use them.

With this freedom comes a greater personal responsibility, which I’ve happily taken on! Not being tied down to any one location or size-fits-all routine brings about a different learning experience. Through this freedom, I’ve been motivated to accomplish much more and have been able to apply what I’m learning to my everyday, wherever I may be! Taking my studies wherever I go has kept me moving forward rather than putting my life on hold.

Congrats to this year’s incoming BBA IB Online students! You’re a part of a new educational movement and soon, you’ll get to determine for yourself what the freedom of online studies means to you.

What does the freedom of online studies mean to you?

Tanzania with Jenna!

Join Jenna on her journey to Tanzania with the IRIS project and hear about the experience of a lifetime right alongside her BBA IB Online studies at Turku University of Applied Sciences. Studies that take you places!


My name is Jenna and I have studied International Business for two years now as a BBA IB Online student at TUAS. Since August 2018, I have worked as a student assistant in the development of the IRIS project alongside my online studies. IRIS is a collaborative project between TUAS and Tumaini University Dar es Salaam College (TUDARCo).

Being a student member this year has been a very rewarding mind- and eye-opening journey. My duties included working as an assistant and secretary in project meetings, editing videos and photos, marketing on social media pages for the project, and a variety of current, on-demand assisting tasks. 

The project itself has been a very interesting experience. I had no previous experience of project development myself. The IRIS project is all about introducing new, active ways of learning through innovative teaching and learning methods.

Innovation pedagogy equips and prepares teachers to support and engage students in more innovative ways. New, active learning is not merely teachers lecturing students, but involves students in the actual learning process. This method of teaching and learning is still a rather new and unfamiliar way of teaching in Tanzania.

The project especially supported my studies in the context of international co-operation. In August, we received guests from our partner school in Tudarco and in addition, the project included a trip to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania for one week in March 2019.

The journey opened my eyes not only to a new culture, but also to diversity and the very real issue of inequality. I got to know Tanzania from a completely different perspective than I could ever have seen as a tourist.

In March, we traveled to Tudarco University in Tanzania during their innovation week, which included an IRIS exhibition stand in the COSTECH showroom. The days were busy and energetic, with more than 200 visitors stopping by our stand to hear about outcomes and impacts of the IRIS project. TUDARCo students were engaging and the team attracted the desired interest in our project. We received great feedback from visitors about our projects outcomes and benefits. It is an anticipated and much-needed change throughout the whole of Africa.

All in all, this project gave me the experience that I have only dreamt of achieving. I feel very privileged to be involved in this important project that already has and will continue to have a direct, positive impact on society and hopefully all of Tanzania and beyond in the region.

Being a part of the IRIS project was rewarding and gave me the knowledge and understanding on how development projects work. This project raised my interest towards project management on a larger scale as well. I will definitely use my gained knowledge for the benefit of my studies and future career.

I thank Turku University of Applied Sciences for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this project and taking me on this journey!

Check out the IRIS Project page for more information!

Say hi to Makoto!

From Japan to Finland, Makoto has kept himself motivated in his online BBA studies by staying active with his hobbies and immersing himself in a new, exciting culture. Check out Makoto’s journey in his own words!

My name is Makoto Chiba and I am from Japan. My hobbies consist of photography, exercise, hiking and cycling. It has been now two years since I started studying BBA International Business Online at Turku University of Applied Sciences. During these two years, there have been many things I have learned and experienced throughout different activities, events and by meeting up with new people.

The main reason why I decided to study at TUAS as an international student is strongly related to my exchange life in Finland back to the year of 2013. During my exchange period in Finland, I was impressed how diverse people here are, and astonished how different the studying methods and the student’s culture at TUAS is, especially compared to the technical school in Japan where I studied in the past.

While doing the exchange in Finland was precious experience for me, moving and living abroad is not as easy as it sounds. There are many things I needed to get used to, like understanding a different culture and learning a new language. Since my studies started at TUAS, I have tried to incorporate myself to the Finnish society by learning Finnish language and culture. I cannot deny it has been long journey to make it to this point where I am now. However, I am satisfied with the current situation and I am enjoying my life here in Turku, Finland.

I also have been active as a member of South-West Finland student ambassador network. Being a student ambassador is great opportunity that allows me to develop my professional skills and enrich my student life in Finland. Moreover, one can also build great network with awesomely international-minded people. As a member of South-West Finland Student Ambassador Network, I have given presentations about Turku University of Applied Sciences and Turku region as a business, tourism and study destination, in front of a large audience several times in Japan and Finland. The audience is often interested in the topics I present, and their image of Finland becomes clearer when it comes to student life, business opportunities the city of Turku offers, how characteristic Finnish culture is and what they can experience from it. Every time the audience is satisfied and impressed with the content I present, and this greatly motivates me to perform better next time and continue to promote the South-West area and especially the wonderful city of Turku.

Follow Makoto’s journey on his Youtube channel and check out his amazing collection of photos on his Instagram!

Meet Eetu!

Second-year BBA Online student Eetu has integrated online studies into his life, through taking opportunities for change along the way and in his travels. He is currently exploring Australia while earning his International Business degree online.

I always try to find specific reasons for whatever I do. For a longer time, I’ve known I want to work internationally in the future. Then a couple years back I noticed that I was a bit stuck in my professional life. I wanted to extend my knowledge and continue studies from vocational and specialisation studies towards international business.
I also wanted to get a good education based on Finnish standards, in English, and with freedom to travel and work. This sounds quite picky and demanding right? Yet I found a way. TUAS BBA Online covers all my detailed needs.
To study international business while staying put in one place doesn’t cover international aspect for me as well as being international. I also felt strong importance for online curricula because it brings in for current and future realities of modern business. Working with suppliers, retailers, and business partners around the world in e-commerce, or operating with global online banking are just couple examples of the large variety of employment opportunities in the area. And the area is huge, it’s online and international.
Sure, I could get the knowledge by reading books, attending seminars etc. But with TUAS BBA Online’s individual and group studies I get excellent base experience for my future in business. For example, how to behave and work with different cultures and people in different time-zones.
The real-life experience that I get while studying, travelling, and working around the world is amazing. I get to combine my new knowledge from studies and great experiences from different cultures. This is valuable work experience all together all the time and with a good balance it doesn’t take energy from one side or the other but strengthens each other.

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