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BBA International Business Online studies at Turku University of Applied Sciences

BBA International Business Online programme at Turku University of Applied Sciences offers you a flexible way of acquiring an International Business Bachelor’s Degree fully online from virtually anywhere in the world.

The BBA International Business Online programme provides a new and interactive way of acquiring an International Business Bachelor’s Degree online with a structured cirriculum from anywhere in today’s digitally connected world.

Together we develop knowledge and skills through weekly interactive online sessions, working in study teams with authentic projects and work-life oriented methods, guided by experienced online teaching staff.

Excellence in Action

Our online programme provides you with the knowledge and competencies required to undertake responsibilities in an international business environment. Through this practical approach, you will also gain digital work competencies required in our digitally transforming world by studying online. Learning to use today’s digital tools of the trade while being able to actively apply studies to working life offers students gained experience that other teaching methods lack.

Digitally fluent teaching staff trained in online pedagogy show you how to use the tools of the trade and fully support your online studies through modern communicative platforms. With the help of our international team of teachers and their expertise from various different industries and business areas, you will have the possibility to deepen your knowledge in several areas of international digital business, such as management, marketing, logistics and others based on your own interests.

This innovative programme is based on a framework that creates a balanced implementation of pedagogy, technology and content in a fully online environment, accessible from virtually anywhere. Applying technological tools to studies has made obtaining an education a possible option for more people, being independent of location and more independent in time.

BBA Online is commited to continuous research and development into digital solutions for learning. Our programme’s modern method of teaching prepares students for entering professional life in a digitally forward era.